The Samsung Continuum is a phone that initially had great promise from both Verizon Wireless and Samsung. They did a lot of heavy advertising for it before the holiday season in 2010, only to stop promptly after the holiday season due to terrible sales numbers. A few months later, they were practically giving them away. The little phone that could is essentially a Samsung Fascinate with the unique feature of a ticker for updates. Great in principle, but not so much in practice as an SDK never came out for the ticker and you can only use it with stock Samsung apps. However, that hasn’t stopped a handful of users from trying to make the most of the phone.

A few months ago, it saw a leak of Froyo from yours truly, which will likely never see the light of day in any official capacity. Then, last month, another Froyo leak came out, this one was build EC07 and looks to be the equivalent of ED05 for the Fascinate as it is Android 2.2.2. Since source has never been released for these builds, and my attempts at making the Fascinate source work have failed, I decided to show the Continuum users some love by hacking the stock kernel that came with EC07, much like I did for the Charge with the EP1Q and EP1W builds. While not much can be done, anything is better than nothing.


  • Removed recovery flash on boot items
  • Added auto-root on boot script with latest su binary, install Superuser from the market for full root access
  • ADB Root access
  • SDCard Speed Tweak
  • init.d Support if busybox is installed


  • Download – Custom boot animations and memory management settings
  • Download – Custom boot animations and stock memory management settings
  • Download – Stock boot animations and custom memory management settings
  • Download – Stock boot animations and memory management settings

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the kernel of your choice and transfer it to the SDCard on your phone.
  2. Reboot your phone into recovery and enter CWM.
  3. Flash the zip that you downloaded and put on your SDCard.
  4. Restart your phone and Enjoy. :)

Known Issues

  • Kernels with custom memory management schemes may experience random issues